Composition 300, Colorado State University

Annotated Bibliography

Sydney Tobler

  • Dalton, Sharron. Our Overweight Children: What Parents, Schools, and Communities Can Do to Control the Fatness Epidemic. Berkeley: University of California, 2004. Print.
  • This book explores the entirety of the obesity epidemic that is affecting children in today’s society. Dalton split the book into three main sections: How We Meet A Growing Epidemic, Why Kids Are Getting Fatter, and How We Can Fight The Epidemic. Dalton provides statistics and information that recognizes obesity as a serious and growing problem. Dalton’s focus is to provide parents, educators, community leaders, health-care providers, and social workers with an understanding of the growing problem and present ways to fight this epidemic.
  • I consider Dalton’s book very effective. She covers all aspects of the obesity epidemic thoroughly and in an organized way. Her use of headings and sub-headings made it easy to pinpoint certain subjects without having to read the entire book. In researching obesity in children, my focus was to look at schools. There are a lot of possible solutions to resolving the obesity epidemic but I believe teaching children healthy habits at young ages and enforcing them in schools would be one of the most effective ways. Although Dalton covers all of the different possibilities to fixing the problem, I found her sections about schools and daycares most effective for my particular research.
  • Daniels, Stephen R. Et Al. “Overweight in Children and Adolescents: Pathophysiology, Consequences, Prevention, and Treatment — Daniels Et Al. 111 (15): 1999 –Circulation.” Homepage Spotlight File. American Heart Association. n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2010. <;.
  • This piece is written by a group of individuals, most of whom have their MD, or PhD. This article contains a lot of facts regarding the effect of obesity on a person’s body and the problems associated with being overweight. It is split into sub-heading: Physiology of Overweight, Epidemiology of Childhood Overweight, Comorbidities Related to Overweight in Youth, Prevention, and Treatment. This material in this article is extremely scientific. The purpose of this article was to provide information about one of the most important current public health concerns.
  • Although this article contained a lot of good information and was very informative, I found it somewhat tedious to read. I agree with the author’s research and I believe they covered the essential information necessary to inform their readers about the obesity epidemic. However, because I do not have my MD or PhD and this subject is not my expertise I found myself getting lost in the facts. I plan on using the information in this article to provide facts about the severity of the obesity outbreak.
  • This article written by Deckelbaum and Williams focuses on obesity primarily in children. They make it clear that in order to reverse the obesity epidemic we must consider it a crisis, and make it a funded government and public health priority. Deckelbaum and Williams go into detail about the increasing obesity rates in children and the problems these children will have later in life. They also look at prevention and treatment options for different age’s children.
  • I found this article effective because instead of targeting every possible fix for the obesity epidemic they focused on one solution; children. I found that Deckelbaum and Williams had similar beliefs as I do. Children are our future and if we do nothing to help this increasing problem it will only get worse. Their section on prevention and treatments was the most helpful in my research because one of their most important points is that early experiences with food and food habits is important.
  • This article was written at the beginning of this year about President Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama. This is a story about Michelle’s announcement to solve the challenge of childhood obesity. It goes into detail about her nationwide campaign called “Let’s Move”. Through this campaign she plans to provide schools, families and communities with simple tools to help kids’ live healthier lives.
  • I found this article to be very interesting. During my research I read a lot of articles informing me that there was an obesity epidemic, but I could hardly find anything that explained what was being done about it. This article stood out and grabbed my attention because it was from the beginning of this year. This showed me that people are finally starting to realize the serious problem we have on our hands and instead of just talking about it, they are doing something to help.
  • This article by U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski focuses on where to start when preventing and controlling the rising obesity rates. Murkowski believes we need to look at the nutritional options our kids have at school. She believes the school systems are offering “poor dietary temptations” to children and that they are negatively contributing to the obesity epidemic.
  • I think Lisa Murkowski’s article is very effective. Besides just providing her opinion as a senator, Murkowski incorporates her concerns as a parent. I agree completely with Murkowski’s thinking about children and obesity. It is important for parents to teach their children healthy habits. But, if these habits are not being reinforced and are counteracted by schools unhealthy habits, then we aren’t making any progress. In the article Murkowski mentions that she and Senator Tom Harkins re-introduced The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act. This act would help update the current federal laws that define the nutritional standards. This is an important piece to her article because she isn’t just defining a problem but she is working to fix, or at least begin to fix, one of the serious problems that contribute to society’s obesity problem.
  • WebMD is an online source that provides the public with information regarding health and health related issues. This specific article is about Obesity. It defines obesity and outlines the factors that cause obesity.
  • This source is very credible because it combines award-winning information of medicine, journalism and health communication to give the public the best health information possible. I used this source to define and give a little information about obesity.
  • This article goes into detail about Senators Tom Harkin and Lisa Murkowski bill to improve children’s health. Harkin and Murkowski re-introduced The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act. This act would update the nutrition standards in schools and would include vending machines, school stores, a la carte lines and other school meal programs. This article has quotes from Murkowski and Harkin that express their concern for children’s health and how passing this act would work towards ending the obesity epidemic.
  • I used this article to get more information about The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act that Senators Tom Harkin and Lisa Murkowski re-introduced. I think this article is effective because it shows that even though this act has been turned down several times, Harkin and Murkowski think it is important enough to re-introduce. They care about the health of our children and our society and they are willing do to something about it.

2 responses

  1. jecald

    It appears that Sydney has done a lot of really good research. The summaries were clear and concise, it made it really easy to follow along and understand what each source was talking about. The reactions were good, I thought it was nice how she related it to her interest in the topic. I was really intrigued with some of the souces because some of them would have been great souces for some of my topics. In my paper, I am dealing with a lot of the same issues.

    November 12, 2010 at 8:19 pm

  2. jmaddocks

    It looks like you have a lot of good and credible sources. Your summaries and responses are very thorough. In your response to the third source you said “affective” instead of “effective” which is the only problem that I can see. Good job with everything else though.

    November 12, 2010 at 8:36 pm

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